MOVIE: Kyoto Distillery official movie

The series “#thisiscraft”

The movie, which consists of 6 stories to share our Craft Philosophy.

Vol.1 -Karakami-
Vol.2 -Bottling Room-
Vol.3 -Yuzu Farm-
Vol.4 -Tea Farm-
Vol.5 -Lemon and Ginger-
Vol.4 -Tea Farm-

The result of Name our stills campaign.

We are pleased to announce that the names of our stills have been decided.

The Kyoto Distillery -BEHIND THE SCENES-

The movie which records the scenes of Kyoto Distillery’s birth and completion.

KI NO BI 1st Anniversary

Celebrating KI NO BI’s 1st anniversary, we like to say thank you to all who have supported us.

MOVIE: Promotion movie

KI NO BI: Pioneering Gin / Produced by pen Films

Photograph: Kyoto Distillery official photograph