The House of KI NO BI

The House of KI NO BI is a renovated traditional ‘machiya’ townhouse built over 100 years ago as a timber mill; the original interiors including earthen walls, beams and roof tiles have been retained to preserve the authentic ambience.

As with our gins, we have used local materials wherever possible for the House of KI NO BI, including handmade furniture by local craftsman Mr. Goda and a traditional Nishijin fabric company, Hosoo. Here you will be able to learn more about gin and its history, the ingredients that make KI NO BI exceptional and take a VR tour of the distillery.

We will offer a blending room, seminars for gin enthusiasts and a shop with exclusive items to showcase the distillery’s brand philosophy and identity as a pioneer of Japanese gin.

Omise no Ma


Buy exclusive KI NO BI branded products in our shop.


Ice Stamp

With The Kyoto Distillery logo, produced in Kyoto by Seikado.


Mixing Glass

Made by the same glass maker of KI NO BI bottles, SAKAI Glass.


Martini Glass

Nick & Nora glasses produced by Riedel, complete with karakami design.

KI NO BI no Ma

HK-1-118_DxOVP - コピー

The back bar is decorated with a woodblock pattern designed in collaboration by KIRA KARACHO, part of the KARACHO karakami atelier founded in Kyoto in 1624. Enjoy a KI NO BI flight, classic cocktails and light meals.

Tenji no Ma

HK-1-65_DxOVP - コピー

Learn about gin history, gin types and ingredients of KI NO BI as well as taking a VR tour of the distillery and more.

Konwa no Ma

HK-1-79_DxOVP - コピー

We have two levels of seminar for beginners and gin enthusiasts to learn about KI NO BI in depth. Click here to book the seminars.