Joint usage of personal information

Number One Drinks Co., Ltd. (The Kyoto Distillery) shares the personal information received from the customers (hereinafter referred as “personal data”) with the affiliated companies as indicated below.

Items of personal data that are in joint usage

Name, address, phone number, date of birth, sex, email address, occupation, and product and service usage situation

Range the information sharing

Whisk-e Ltd.

Purpose of usage

  1. To provide information related to the products and services, and event information.
  2. To conduct market research, product development, and provide after-service.
  3. To make appropriate and smooth transaction with the customers.

Companies who are responsible for the management of personal data that are in joint usage

Number One Drinks Co., Ltd.
Whisk-e Ltd.

Inquiries about personal data

Number One Drinks Co., Ltd(The Kyoto Distillery)Email:
Whisk-e Ltd. TEL:03-3863-1501