KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin
6 groups of botanicals


BASE (Juniper, Orris, Hinoki)

KI NO BI is using Juniper, Orris and Hinoki for its base ingredients. Accouting for more than half of all botanicals these ingredients constitute the basic flavour structure.

CITRUS (Yuzu, Lemon)

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, when distilled it provides our gin with distinct citrus notes, reminiscent of tart mandarin, orange blossom and sweet Amalfi lemon.

Lemon peel provides our gin with the most incredibly pure notes of sweetened and lightly floral fresh lemon with undertones of sherbet and boiled lemon sweets.

HERB (Sansho pepper, Kinome sprout)

Sansho pepper gives an oriental & spicy aroma. Such characteristics mainly feature on the finish.

The leaves (Kinome) and the male flowers (Hana –Sansho) are also used in our recipe alongside the peppercorns for a more complex flavour.

SPICE (Ginger)

Ginger gives a sharp and juicy mouth-feel adding complexity to our gin.

FRUITY & FLORAL (Bamboo leaves, Red perilla)

Bamboo leaves and red perilla add a fruity and floral essence to the underlying flavour of KI NO BI.

TEA (Gyokuro green tea)

We are using exceptional quality tea called Gyokuro. The Green Tea (Sencha) laces through the other distillates during the blending process and helps to bring them all together in harmony.

We have spent six months selecting the very best suppliers and botanicals for the production of KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin, many of which are locally sourced from the Kyoto Prefecture and other parts of Japan.  We will break down the botanicals in our gin into these six different categories: Base, Citrus, Tea, Herbal, Spice and Floral and will then distill the categories separately before blending them back together again.

We have worked hard to make a delicious dry gin, which does justice to the culture of craftsmanship for which Kyoto has been famed for over a thousand years.