Lemon Peel – Hiroshima

Lemon peel provides our gin with the most incredibly pure notes of sweetened and lightly floral fresh lemon with undertones of sherbet and boiled lemon sweets.

We source our lemons from Tatemichiya Farm in the famous Onomichi area of Hiroshima. The lemons grown here are regarded as the highest quality in all of Japan, famed for being particularly aromatic, sweeter and less acidic than other varieties. The area has perfect soil for growing, mild climates and an abundance of sunshine at just the right time of the year.

The farm is run by Kan San, who sends his perfectly ripe, organic lemons to our distillery from harvest time in April-May where they are, like the Yuzu, peeled by hand before vacuum packing and freezing the peel for use in our gin all year round.
The juice from the peeled fruit, again, is not wasted and is used in Kyoto hotels and restaurants.

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