KI NO BI Haskap Liquor

KI NO BI Haskap Liquor


Collaboration bottling with Tokyo International BarShow 2019

The third in a series of TIBS bottlings, this inaugural liqueur release from The Kyoto Distillery is based upon the traditional Sloe Gin style. Kyoto-grown Ume and Haskap berries from Hokkaido are macerated separately in a specially formulated version of our dry gin, before being sweetened with sugar derived from Hokkaido beet and blended together. Our distilling team carefully monitors this process to ensure the optimum harmony between the various flavours.



KI NO BI Haskap Liquor

  • Liquor
  • 700ml
  • 30%/vol
  • 6 bottles
  • Limited volume will be available late 2019 worldwide
  • 4589633900483
  • Open

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