KI NO JYU Kyoto Gin Series 1 Gyokuro


KI NO JYU Kyoto Gin Series 1 Gyokuro


A new ultra-premium series from The Kyoto Distillery

The Kyoto Distillery proudly announces the inaugural release in a new ultra-premium series: KI NO JYU is a collaborative product with Horii Shichimeien, a historic tea farmer in Uji in Kyoto, whose teas are used for our products including the multi-award-winning KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin.

Gyokuro is considered the finest green tea and is also known for its unique cultivation, being grown under nets to develop intense aromas and a sweet flavours. The type of gokuyo used for KI NO JYU is called Okuno Yama (meaning “deep mountain”) and is grown in Uji’s oldest tea garden, which dates back to the 15th century. We recommend savouring neat to enjoy the floral aromas and the hints of sweetness.

The label designs have been created in collaboration with KIRA KARACHO, part of the KARACHO karakami atelier founded in Kyoto in 1624. The jewel design label is hand-printed on Kyoto-made washi paper from the hand-carved woodblock. The printed washi paper is then divided into six pieces and carefully applied to each bottle. Exclusive release for Japan.


KI NO JYU Kyoto Gin Series 1 Gyokuro

  • 700ml
  • 47%
  • 6 bottles
  • Open
  • 108 bottles
  • Japan

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