TKD The Virtual Distillery Tour

We have created a virtual tour of The Kyoto Distillery.
You can view inside of the distillery where KI NO BI is actually created.
Feel free to explore this small but genuine craft distillery.

  • It may take about 1 minute to complete loading.
  • We recommend when viewing this tour that your smart phone is within the range of a Wi-Fi network.
  • We are unable to receive visitors at the actual distillery site.
  • Experience 3D!

    3D viewing is available using your smart phone and 3D goggles for in this content!
    Get 3D goggles and enjoy a three-dimensional distillery tour!

    How to view in 3D

    1. Prepare 3D goggles.
    2. 3d_gogle

    3. Install Matterport VR via App Store or Google Play.
    4. Matterport VR for iOS
      Matterport VR for iOS
      Matterport VR for Android
      Matterport VR for Android
    5. Access from your smart phone.
    6. vr-qr

    7. Place your smart phone onto the goggles, then hover the pointer on the “Eye-icon” displayed over The Kyoto Distillery symbol until the eye-icon turns green.
    8. 3d_gogle-2
    9. And hover the pointer on play-button (>]) until it turns green again, then the 3D virtual tour begins.
    10. vr-img-2

      Enjoy the 3D virtual tour of The Kyoto Distillery!!
      With thanks to our friends at Kyoto VR​.