Why Kyoto?

We are often asked why we chose to establish our craft distillery in Kyoto, as opposed to Tokyo or Osaka or Hokkaido, or numerous other locations that could feasibly have been contenders.

The simple answer is that it could only have been Kyoto for us; no other areas were ever seriously considered. It’s a subconscious feeling that this city and its proud history symbolize what we are trying to achieve with our gin. If the people of Kyoto can accept and welcome this new addition to the myriad list of arts and crafts produced in the city over the past thousand years and more, then we will have succeeded.

Not only does it feel like the right place to be producing such a craft product, but it also offers us an abundance of raw materials with which to work-the soft waters of Fushimi, famed for the highest quality sake production for centuries, a huge selection of locally-grown ingredients, such as yuzu, sansho and the legendary teas of Uji.

Perhaps foremost though is the inspiration which living and working in this city provides, existing alongside businesses that have been crafting beautiful fabrics, pottery and paper for many hundreds of years.
Our bottles carry this message, distilled into a short a form as we could.