The House of KI NO BI

The House of KI NO BI offers a blending room,
seminars for gin enthusiasts and a shop with exclusive items to showcase our philosophy and identity as a pioneer of Japanese spirits.

About The House of KI NO BI

A renovated machiya, first built over 100 years ago.
As with our gins, we have tried to use local ingredients wherever possible in the House of KI NO BI, such as handmade wooden furniture by local craftsmen “In wood” and fabrics from the traditional Nishijin company, Hosoo. The wallpaper has been produced by KIRA KARACHO, part of the KARACHO karakami atelier founded in Kyoto in 1624.
The interior design is by Douglas Kakuda Croll, son of two of the founders and a graduate of the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL London.



Omise no maOmise no ma

Exclusive branded products are available at the Omise no ma.

  • Logo Ice Stamp

    Logo Ice Stamp

    Handmade ice stamp, crafted by Seikado in Kyoto

  • Nick & Nora by Reidel

    Nick & Nora by Riedel

    Designed using our KIRA KARACHO patterns

  • Omise no ma
  • Omise no ma

KI NO BI no maKI NO BI no ma

Enjoy classic cocktails, KI NO BI tasting flights and light meals against the backdrop of a karakami bar.

  • KI NO BI no ma
  • KI NO BI no ma

Gin PalaceGin Palace

The term “Gin Palace” was first used in the 1820s to describe lavish, sumptuously decorated London bars selling gin and other spirits. The style of design, described by Charles Dickens as “perfectly dazzling”, influenced many aspects of later Victorian pubs. By serving drinks in antique cocktail glasses in a room featuring period furniture and décor, our aim was to recreate the look of a Gin Palace in our beautiful 100-year-old machiya.

Gin Palace

At the Gin Palace, you can order from our grand menu, but you also have the opportunity to experience our vintage cocktail menu, featuring old spirits and liqueurs from the 1960s and 1970s, some rare Japanese single malt whiskies – such as Karuizawa and Chichibu – and The Kyoto Distillery’s entire KI NOH BI series, the first cask-aged gin produced in Japan.

Access and How to use

Only ELEMENTS members* can use the Gin Palace, subject to space availability. Please call the store at 075-223-0457 for ELEMENTS membership application details.
There is a cover charge of JPY1,500 per person, which includes a welcome drink.
Please ask staff for more details concerning private use of the Gin Palace. It is not possible to make advance reservations.

* House of KI NO BI membership ELEMENTS. To become a member costs JPY6,000, including a complimentary KINOBI³ tasting set as a welcome gift. There is no annual renewal fee and you will be given your own ELEMENTS membership card.

For reservations and further information, please contact us at the address or telephone number below.





Tenji no maTenji no ma

Tenji no ma is an exhibition space where you can learn about the history and various styles of gin, the botanicals and ingredients used in KI NO BI, and also enjoy a virtual reality tour of the distillery.

  • Tenji no ma
  • Tenji no ma

Konwa no maKonwa no ma

During The House of KI NO BI tasting seminars, you can try the 6 Elements (unblended gin distillates) that make up KI NO BI, gaining an unparalleled understanding of our gins and elaborate production methods.

About the tasting seminars

Date and time Saturdays and Sundays, from 17:00 ~ 18:00
Capacity Maximum twelve people per seminar

* Reservation necessary. Seminars currently only conducted in Japanese.

Book Now

  • Konwa no ma
  • Konwa no ma


The House of KI NO BI