Characteristics of KI NO BI

KI NO BI is a small-batch, artisanal gin with a Japanese heart. We use a high-quality rice spirit and local botanicals such as yuzu, lemon, sanshō pepper, ginger and gyokuro tea, all sourced at the peak of the season from producers we know and respect.

We spent a lot of time and effort in perfecting our KI NO BI recipe, both to ensure absolute harmony between the various botanicals, and to be certain that our gin speaks of its home in Kyoto.

KI NO BI has a recognisably dry gin flavour, but with a Japanese accent: pure and perfectly balanced, with distinctive aromas.

Brand philosophy

Kyoto is a place where a unique and ancient culture continues to flourish alongside a modern, cutting-edge society. Old and new rub shoulders every day in happy co-existence. We are the first artisanal, premium gin distillery to be built in Kyoto.

The city allows us to make use of the world-famous Fushimi water and the fruits, spices and teas of the region, as well as collaborating with artisans whose families have perfected their craft over 10 generations or more.

Our philosophy is not to be an expert at all things; rather it is best to try to master one. For this reason – and unlike many other distilleries – we only make gin at The Kyoto Distillery.


KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin is made using a particularly intricate production process. Botanicals are divided into six different categories, known as 6 Elements, macerated in rice spirit and then distilled individually.

The distillates are masterfully blended before being left to marry together, allowing the disparate flavours to harmonise, giving our gin perfect balance.

This elaborate process requires a considerable amount of time and effort, and is seldom used by gin distilleries around the world. The unique character of KI NO BI, however, simply cannot be created without this unusual but highly sophisticated distillation method.



We source the ingredients for our gin mainly from Kyoto, as well as from other regions across Japan.

  • Rice Spirit

    Rice spirit

    The neutral spirit we use is made from rice. It has a luxurious and velvety texture which delivers a smooth and delicious tasting experience.

  • 11 botanicals

    11 botanicals

    We source our botanicals when they are in season, and mainly from local farms and gardens in Kyoto.


From all over Japan, mainly in Kyoto Collect selected botanicals


6 Elements

Our 11 botanicals are divided up into six different flavour groups, called 6 Elements, and are left to macerate in our rice spirit before distillation.

6 Elements



The concept of “konwa” – combining and creating harmony – is vital to the creation of KI NO BI. After the botanicals are separated into the 6 Elements and steeped in rice spirit, they are distilled individually. These distillates are then masterfully blended together before being left to marry, allowing the different flavours to harmonise and creating perfect balance. This elaborate process demands tasting skills, product development knowledge and precise data management.




The blending of the 6 Elements back together again with water is very different from the production of most gins, which use a “one shot” distillation method.




We methodically combine the distillates in our blending tank with Fushimi water, which is famed for its purity, softness and flavour. This allows the spirit to rest, giving time for the alcohol and water to marry together and allowing the distinct flavours to harmonise further.




Kira Karacho, founded in Kyoto in 1624, is the oldest karakami atelier in Japan, and is the source of the original karakami pattern which inspired the design on our label and pack.