Our packaging is inspired by KIRA KARACHO,
founded during the Edo period,
who designed the karakami pattern
used on the label and pack of KI NO BI

inspired our design.

Founded in Kyoto in 1624, KIRA KARACHO is the oldest karakami atelier in Japan and is the source of the original karakami pattern which inspired our design.

All of KIRA KARACHO’s karakami are hand-printed on Japanese washi papers with about 600 woodblocks, which have been handed down from generation to generation.

The woodblock pictured on this page was used to create our packaging. Dating from the 17th century, it features images that represent berries and other fruit, bringing to mind the botanicals used to make KI NO BI.

Our bespoke glass bottle was made by Sakai Glass, a family company founded in 1906 with a reputation for peerless quality, attention to detail and a very traditional approach. KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin is bottled by hand at The Kyoto Distillery.