Our big news this time is that our upgraded website and brand new webshop.

The webshop is currently only in Japanese but an
English version will follow shortly. This shop site is only open to ELEMENTS members and offers you the same benefits and access to limited edition products that you enjoy at the House of KI NO BI shop, so every order you make online will automatically receive a 10% discount from the official prices shown.

In the new webshop you’ll find a full line-up of our regular products plus a few new items, including some beautiful gift boxes containing various combinations of our gins and glassware. The boxes themselves were produced for us by KIRA KARACHO and are decorated with the distinctive karakami pattern that has come to represent KI NO BI.

To mark the opening of our new webshop we’ve also just completed a new bottling of KI NOH BI, our cask-aged gin series. Edition 21 will initially only be available from the webshop and is produced by ageing KI NO BI gin in Caroni rum casks from Trinidad before adding kokuto sugar from Okinawa; the distilling team likes to call this release ‘KI NOH TOU’ but we’ll stick to KI NOH BI Edition 21!

Looking ahead, the distilling team have just finished bottling another cask-aged gin; this will be released in Japan shortly after Golden Week so please keep an eye on our social media channels for more details.