Kyoto x Rakugo
Sponsored by KINOBI Kyoto Dry Gin

Katsura Sunshine, the popular Canadian Rakugo artist, is coming to Kyoto to perform his own unique version of this traditional Japanese storytelling! Sponsored by KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin, Sunshine will be entertaining us with stories in both English and Japanese. In addition to the Rakugo performance you’ll be able to enjoy KI NO BI-inspired cocktail creations from two of Kyoto’s top bartenders and the DJ delights of Yukari BB, as well as craft beer and food.

KINOBI Kyoto Dry Gin is the first Japanese Gin made in Kyoto and has lots of tasty Japanese essences in the flavour. Enjoy KINOBI as well as RAKUGO in this event.


Date : 16th April 2017

   7 Aketacho Higashi-Kujo, Minami-Ku, Kyoto

Performer : Katsura Sunshine

Rakugo performance : ANTEROOM MEALS
  [Set 1] up to 50 people / 14:00 – 14:45
  [Set 2] up to 50 people / 15:15 – 16:00

Bar lounge : 13:30 – 16:30
*Bar lounge is available for anybody.

Advanced ticket : 2,500 Yen
The ticket price includes a welcome drink, admission to one of the Rakugo performances (please select either Set 1 or Set 2) and two further drinks tickets.
On the day ticket : 3,000 Yen
*On-the-day tickets, priced at Y3,000 (cash-only), will only be available if all tickets are not reserved earlier. (Cash only)

Additional drink tickets are available for 500yen.

[Advanced ticket] Set 1 (14:00~14:45) / Set 2 (15:15~16:00)


  • Sets 1 & 2 of the Rakugo performance are the same; both will be performed in a mix of English & Japanese.
  • Entry fee includes Rakugo appreciation and 1 welcome drink + 2 drinks.
  • Ticket is NOT issued. Please print out (or show us on your phone / tablet) the auto-reply confirmation message and bring it with you on the day.
  • Strictly no admission to anybody under 20 years of age, even if accompanied by an adult.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • Persons driving cars or other vehicles should not consume any alcohol.
  • On-the-day ticket will not be sold in case of house full.