KI NOH BI 23nd Edition – 孫次郎(Magojiro) – 

We’re excited to announce KI NOH BI Edition 23 will go on sale on Wednesday, August 4th at the House of KI NO BI, prior to our webshop.KI NOH BI Edition 23 is a rich and fruity blend of sherry and mizunara cask.

It has notes of prune, apricot jam and pistachio nougat on the nose with high herbal bay-leaf and spicy black pepper undertones. A well-balanced palate of dried fruit and honey leads to along and complex finish of eucalyptus and oak. Enjoy it on the rocks, in a highball or as a smoky Martini.

KI NOH BI is a cask-aged version of our classic KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin. Filled into cask at a high strength, the gin is carefully monitored by our distilling team during the maturation process to ensure the optimum balance between botanical flavours and influence from the wood. The team reviews the final liquid and blends with Fushimi water.