KI NO BI “SEI” Kyoto Dry Gin


We are pleased to announce our latest limited product -KI NO BI “SEI”- released in Japan at the end of March 2018.
-KI NO BI “SEI”- is created using the same 11 botanicals, distilled in the same 6 flavour categories, as our classic KI NO BI and is bottled at 54.5% alc/vol.

Our higher strength release is unmistakably from the KI NO BI family but packs a more intense punch than the classic, and is ideal as a base for cocktails, especially the Gin & Tonic.

The name “SEI” comes from the Kanji character “勢” which carries the meaning of “power” in Japanese.

Using a frosted version of our ‘sumi’ bottle, the KI NO BI “SEI” design has again been produced in collaboration with KIRA KARACHO, a Kyoto-based karakami atelier dating back to 1624.

Total production is 7,500 bottles and will be available in specialty liquor shops and department stores. Half of the production will be distributed in the Japanese market and the rest will be allocated to our exclusive distributors in Europe, the US and Asia. Regarding availability outside Japan please contact the local distributors listed here for more details.


Name KI NO BI “SEI” Kyoto Dry Gin
Strangth 54% alc/vol
volume 700ml
Main botanicals Juniper berries, Yuzu, Sansho pepper, Green tea, Hinoki wood chip, etc
Price 6,000 Yen


KI NO BI “SEI” Kyoto Dry Gin